About Jimmy Pruitt

Jimmy and Annette

I am an idealist. I’m not angry. I don’t have an axe to grind through my blog. I write to help, encourage and inspire people. I am a follower of Jesus and my writings will be filtered through my spirituality.

I tend to be transparent… sometimes painfully so. In fact, some of my peers in the ministry profession have cautioned me about being too real, too raw and hanging too much of my personal life out there for others to see. I can’t help myself. I am committed to being an authentic person… warts and all.

To be truthful, everyone has a story. Everyone has been through something, or are currently struggling with something that has the potential to leave them scarred emotionally and spiritually, causing them to “walk with a limp.”

I don’t trust a person who doesn’t walk with a limp. Humility is the proper response to the life events that can bring both pain and glory. Either way, humility is a must and it’s the signature of Jesus that I look for in others.


I have an amazing family. I did not say perfect. In fact, our family puts the “Fun” in dys-FUN-ctional. My way-better-half, Annette, and I have been married for 23 years. It is not our first trip around the altar. For various and different reasons we found ourselves “single again” and sporting the wounds and pain that come with a broken marriage and subsequent divorce.

The good news is we never let go of Jesus. Even when some of our “Christian” friends let go of us, we did not let that damage our view of God as one who loves extravagantly, forgives utterly and restores totally. We have two adult children and one adopted teen-ager that bless our lives beyond what we ever could dream.


I am a career pastor of more than 30 years. If there is a staff position out there I have done it. However, what makes my heart beat is leading a church who loves God, loves God’s people and loves God’s not-yet people. I hope something you read on my blog will help you along as you travel on your journey. Perhaps something written, quoted or copied will serve to be a tipping point for you as you navigate life on this planet.

Grace & Peace
Pastor Jimmy