E3 Discipleship Tool Devotional

by Jimmy Pruitt

I am doing a series of devotional writings for a discipleship tool called the E3 Challenge. Check it out by clicking HERE. Below is #30 out of the series.


Authentic Authority

Matthew 8:28-34

My wife and I were asked to serve on the prayer ministry team at our church. We were honored to do so. One Sunday morning during a particularly powerful worship service, a married couple approached us for prayer. They did not have to announce themselves, but we knew they were influential people.

Real authority never has to be announced, heralded or declared. It just shows up and all know there is someone packing heat in their midst. Real authority does not require drama or theatrics. Jesus walked in authentic authority and never felt compelled to announce his arrival.

He stepped onto the shore and two men who were teeming with demonic activity immediately reacted to his presence. Did these demonic personalities react to Jesus’ disciples? No. To his impressive boat? No. To his amazing fashion sense? No. To the tone and volume of his voice? No.

They were arrested by the authority that Jesus walked in. When you understand your identity in Christ and the authority that resides in you, all of hell will tremble when you wake up in the morning. No need for a show, just show up armed with the word of God and presence of God. They will run from you too.

Prayer: Abba Father, thank you for conferring your authority upon us and giving us Jesus’ example of how to exercise your authority with wisdom an integrity. Thank you for trusting us with your power, strength, ability and favor. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.