Through a Glass Dimly

Not All is Clearly Defined Therefore We See Through a Glass Dimly

Month: April, 2015


“But the fruit of the Spirit is… kindness.” One sure marker of the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit is kindness. This goes beyond social politeness and common courtesies. Authentic biblical kindness is a force that creates a seedbed for repentance and transformation.

You say you’re filled with the Holy Spirit? Then authentic kindness will be the fruit, product and evidence of that truth. Remember, you naturally leak out what you’re full of. Let us leak out Jesus as we navigate our day. #Fruity #SpiritLed


Fear or Faith?

Fear looks behind you and says, “You will fail again.” Faith looks ahead and says, “With God, all things are possible!” Fear or Faith? You have been blessed with the gift of choice. Choose faith and watch what God will do!

Every day when you wake up, and a hundred times throughout the day you are empowered with the gift of choice. Will you, in this moment, choose fear or faith? As you work, as you play, as you connect and interact with people today, you can choose to walk by faith and not by fear. 

What will you choose right now? Fear? Faith? It’s up to you… choose wisely and embrace this moment. 

Spring Cleaning – Making Room

Clutter. Disarray. Chaos. Disorder. These are indicators. Whether it’s your car, your desk, your garage or your soul, clutter reveals a lack of concern, care or value.

When our walk with Jesus becomes cluttered, chaotic and frenetic, it could be a sign that we have moved away from our first love.

Perhaps it’s time for a “spring cleaning” of your spiritual life and a recovery of the love you had at the beginning of your walk with Jesus. Declutter and make room for a move of God.

Yet I hold this against you, you have forsaken the love you had at first. Rev 2:4


Nothing moves the hand of God like spiritual hunger. I have said it and believed it for years. I still believe it today. At the end of the day, we all have all of God we really want. He’s not holding out. We, like the Israelites at the base of the mountain, fear coming too close.

Moses knew His ways because he was willing to go up on the mountain and meet with God. Israel only knew His acts because of their unwillingness to go up and meet with Him. #GoUp #DrawNear #RiskIt

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Jm 4:8

Keep it Simple. Keep it Short.

Our tendency is to complicate prayer. We make it mysterious, overly-spiritual and unobtainable. We even get self-conscious that we may not be “doing it right” like “super-christian-designated-prayer-warrior-guy” with the microphone.

We should listen to children pray more. They are simple, direct, honest, trusting, short. Kind of like Peter when he realized he was violating the laws of physics. He just needed to pray three words. We should take the hint. #KeepItSimple #KeepItShort #KeepItReal

When Peter saw the wind, he panicked and, while sinking, screamed, “Lord, save me!” Without hesitating, Jesus reached out and took hold of him. Matt 14:30-31