Epic in Subtlety

by Jimmy Pruitt


Liturgy of the Ordinary: I turned to Rachel, my 13 year old, as we were driving and said, “I’m just glad that I got to spend this time with you.” This, after driving through numerous back streets. Turn after frustrating turn. “Where is this Starbucks? It’s got to be right here.”

In my perturbed state, the gentle whisper came. This excursion. This search for a caffeine fix in an unfamiliar part of the city was not about scoring a double-tall-non-fat-vanilla-latte. It was about enjoying the hunt. The outing. Being in the moment with my daughter. Laughing. Looking. Cooperating in the cause. Hoping. Being together.

The McFlurry had to suffice. Some trade off. The sacrifices we make. Being present isn’t just about me and God. It’s about including others and reminding them about the value of presence. The treasure of living aware. Eyes wide open. Being all there.

Perhaps as you traffic through this day, the point will not be what seems so obvious before you. The checked box on your list. The task completed. The assignment engaged. It could be, that God would have you share and experience a moment of presence with another.

Shared moments can be epic in their subtlety.

Let your unfailing love surround us, Lord, for our hope is in you alone. Psalm 33:22 NLT