Through a Glass Dimly

Not All is Clearly Defined Therefore We See Through a Glass Dimly

Month: January, 2014

Liturgy of the Ordinary: To the Full



“The glory of God is man fully alive.” – St Iraneaus

Fully alive. Life to the full. Life and life more abundant. To embrace the beating of your heart and the pulse in your veins at this level, has nothing to do with your bank account, the condition of your heart or current circumstances.

It has everything to do with making an intentional purposeful quality decision that, in this moment, the choice is made to be fully present and fully engaged.

That smallest task that must be done right now, will be done for the glory of God. For His honor. As His representative on this planet. 

In so doing, you recognize and acknowledge that He is present, in real time, right here, right now.

He made their hearts, so He understand everything they do. Psalm 33:15

I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows). John 10:10


Lessons in Waiting: Fullest Definition

Continental Divide Sign

Lessons in Waiting: Atop the continental divide of your wilderness experience, it can go a couple of ways.

Diminish your dream. Cave on your calling. Give up on the vision

Or, you can fix your eyes on the “Prize.” I’m not referring to the prize of your dream. I’m speaking in terms of the prize that is Christ.

Your dream will find it’s fullest definition in Christ. It is when we see Him with clarity that courage is sustained, resolve is strengthened, hope is conferred.

Patient endurance comes as we see Him as He is.

“Looking unto Jesus…” Heb 12:2 NKJV

Liturgy of the Ordinary: Aware


Liturgy of the Ordinary: O, that I would live aware today. That I would move through this day at a pace that allows me to ‘notice’ the wonder of what it means to unwrap and experience the gift that is this life.

I AM not I WAS

Mindful. Eyes wide open. Noticing every nuance that reminds me that I AM is present.

Front and center. In this moment. Interactive. In real time. Kingdom near-ness. Kingdom here-ness.

“I Am has sent me to you.” Ex 3:14 ESV

Epic in Subtlety


Liturgy of the Ordinary: I turned to Rachel, my 13 year old, as we were driving and said, “I’m just glad that I got to spend this time with you.” This, after driving through numerous back streets. Turn after frustrating turn. “Where is this Starbucks? It’s got to be right here.”

In my perturbed state, the gentle whisper came. This excursion. This search for a caffeine fix in an unfamiliar part of the city was not about scoring a double-tall-non-fat-vanilla-latte. It was about enjoying the hunt. The outing. Being in the moment with my daughter. Laughing. Looking. Cooperating in the cause. Hoping. Being together.

The McFlurry had to suffice. Some trade off. The sacrifices we make. Being present isn’t just about me and God. It’s about including others and reminding them about the value of presence. The treasure of living aware. Eyes wide open. Being all there.

Perhaps as you traffic through this day, the point will not be what seems so obvious before you. The checked box on your list. The task completed. The assignment engaged. It could be, that God would have you share and experience a moment of presence with another.

Shared moments can be epic in their subtlety.

Let your unfailing love surround us, Lord, for our hope is in you alone. Psalm 33:22 NLT

Trust and Obey


Lessons in Waiting: Timing is critical. Pace matters. Move too quick and we produce an Ishmael. Too slow and we miss the moment called obedience.

Trust and obey. The first three words to the chorus of hymn number 409 that we used to sing in our little baptist church. I loved that church. I loved number 409 in the Baptist Hymnal. 

The next line of words coalesce to form a promise, “…for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus. But to trust and obey.”

Trust implies listening. It implies responding. It implies a relationship in real time. If timing is critical and pace matters, in my walk with Christ, then to trust and obey is one more way I can lean in, move close and draw near to Him in this day. In this moment. 

Liturgy of the Ordinary: One Word… Presence

I chose one word for 2014. I did not strive to come up with a long complex “prophetic” bombshell of a speech. No forgettable or self-condemning resolutions were written down.

Just one word.

For me, 2014 is the year of “Presence.”

It has at least two implications. Many more facets will come over the year, of that I’m sure. I want to grow in my ability to host His presence and rest in His presence.

I also want to live aware, with eyes wide open and simply be present… in the moment. To borrow from Jim Elliot, “Wherever you are, be all there.”

What is your one word for 2014? Feel free to share.

Musings on a New Year’s Day Morning

Here’s looking to a New Year… Steady as she goes!
I have been given a gift… the gift of perspective. The blessing of being able to see life from an entirely different vantage point. Lucky me. No really. Lucky me. Few get to experience what we, as a family, have experienced and come out of it with their joy and faith intact.
I’m not going to say it’s been easy. Or fun. Or that I would want to repeat any of it. Perspective comes with a price. Wisdom is not cheap. You will never find it on a clearance rack. 
I awakened with this verse pulsing through my mind in the form of a song I learned a couple of years ago…
The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? Ps 27:1 ESV