Liturgy of the Ordinary: You Are Here… or There?

by Jimmy Pruitt


“You are here.” At least that’s what the map at the mall told me. I’m not over there. Or in the “C” wing. I might be there eventually. Right now, I am right here. 

It’s good to pause and with the utmost sobriety announce to yourself, “I am here. In this moment. Eyes wide open. Fully alive. You are here.” 

If what Iraneas claims is true, “The glory of God is man fully alive,” then it would behoove me in this moment to slow my pace, pause and focus on this present moment. You are here.

Am I fully alive? Or am I off to the races like the rushing running surging sea of humanity that threatens to throng me on a daily basis. Is my sentence for having a heartbeat to live on an endless wheel like the gerbil I adopted as a kid? You are here.

Or… could there be found within a calmness of soul? Like that of a hurricane. Wind. Wave. Rain. Thunder. Lightening. Hail. Storm. Yet, on the inside, in the eye. In the midst of it all. Peace. Calm. Rest. Quiet. I am here. Fully here. Fully alive. I choose to be here.

To be fully alive. To live life fully here in the midst of chaos and a world that seems to be losing it’s sense of balance and sensibility, brings honor and glory to God. I want to be here. 

“And the peace of God which passes all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:7. You can be here.