Beauty in the Desert

by Jimmy Pruitt


A number of years ago, we served on the staff at a church in the high desert of Southern California. I had never lived in a real desert before. I did grow up in West Texas, so that kind of counts, I suppose.

I have to admit, for the most part I was never a fan of desert life. It was too hot, too brown, too windy and too barren, except for the mountains.

Rising out of the Southeast and the Southwest were two ranges of mountains that stood as beacons of hope for me. One set of mountains, the Marianas, were the foothills to the mountain resort communities of Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead.

Even though I resided in the desert these mountains reminded me that there was more just beyond that barren place. They reminded me that with just a little drive time I could be enjoying the stunning beauty and cooler refreshing temperatures of those mountains.

As our family has experienced this season in the wilderness and the corresponding emotional roller coaster ride that daily threatens our peace and sense of well being, we have discovered the treasure of trust, faith and hope that is being produced in each of us makes every high and every low worth it all.

One of my greatest discoveries has been this: Just as Jesus was not on the boat with his disciples, but was on the water in the storm, so too does he reside in the desert, waiting to meet with those who would dare to trust him in their darkest of days.

Lessons in Waiting: Not too long ago I would have told you that my time in the wilderness was the darkest and most frightening place I have ever been. I can now say that it is the most beautiful, fruitful and blessed place, for it is a land flowing with His grace, brimming with His mercy and saturated in His love. #beautifuldesert #stunningwilderness #fruitfulland #noneedtofear #JesusisintheDesert