When There is No Wind, No Current, No Movement

by Jimmy Pruitt


Lessons in Waiting: Like a doldrum on the sea there will be days when there is no wind, no current, no movement. Unseen, God is moving beneath the surface. He is orchestrating a convergence of events on your behalf. Timing is everything. It will be worth the wait.

Soon enough, His breath will fill your sails once again and the frustration, angst and disorientation of the waiting will become a distant hazy memory.

This is not my first rodeo. I’m referring to the experience of waiting. In fact, I have lost count of how many “rodeos” I have participated in. If I were to be truthful, I would have to admit I have not always fared well in waiting seasons. I get bored easily. AADD (Adult Attention Deficit Disorder) is a blessing and a curse. I just made that term up.

There are many lessons to be learned in the waiting times, the doldrum seasons. One theme that continues to stare me in the face is this: Do I really TRUST God? Do I really BELIEVE that ‘He’s got this?’ At my age and stage of life it sounds naive to assert that this will all work out for the good, that God is in control and that I can trust Him with all of the details.

After all, common sense tells us… and there is the rub, “common sense.” If there is anything I have learned about God’s nature, character and written word, it is this; there is nothing common about God’s idea of ‘sense.’ When the voices of reason say one thing, more often than not, God says another. When the crowd says, “Turn right!”, God typically says, “Go left.”

This ‘trust test’ is at full throttle as I am being stretched beyond what I ever thought possible. I am trusting Him in the face of disappointment, loss and an unforeseen outcome. I am speaking this mantra daily, “God’s got this!” I am standing and declaring His goodness knowing full well that if God does not come through I will look like an utter and complete failure.

I have moved my proverbial chips to the middle of the table. There is no Plan B, no trap door, no millionaire uncle waiting in the wings to come to my rescue. Soon enough, His breath will fill my sails once again and I will begin to move forward with a shipload of lessons learned, miracles experienced and hope renewed.