Let’s Get Honest

by Jimmy Pruitt


I’m not overly impressed by much these days. I have seen so many things burst onto the scene with trumpets blaring only to watch them fade quietly away like a wisp of vapor in a breeze. It came. It went. Next. Every once in a while something, or someone, comes along that captures my attention. Enter Brene Brown. I know nothing about her personally, but in the combined total of 36 minutes that I have listened to her words and watched her TED Talk videos, a chord has been struck deep in my soul.

She speaks about the power of vulnerability and paralysis of shame. Not popular topics in a world that values initiative, power and the appearance of having it all together. Or is it? When Brene gave her first TED Talk titled The Power of Vulnerability she thought she blew it and was overcome with a numbing fear that she had missed the mark. Four million hits later, Brene Brown was being heralded as an expert on vulnerability. Her 18 minute talk resonated with millions of people as the video went viral.

Yesterday, my wife, Annette, posted a plea for prayer. It was simple, direct and to the point. It was not weakness, it was strength. The response was overwhelming as people verbalized their support and began to pray for our situation. Annette exhibited raw bravery and courage by asking for help. When I first saw the post, something inside of me thought, “Oh no, what will people think?” Just as quickly as that ugly thought appeared it was replaced with the highest admiration and gratitude for her transparency. You go girl.

I have longed to be more vulnerable in my writings, blogs and posts, but the fear that people might think I’m weak has given me pause. Add to that the influence of bad theology and misguided religious thinking that says if you have a bad confession you are no longer walking in faith and therefore your fear, transparency, honesty and vulnerability will cause God to “stop your blessing short.” How sick is that? And yet, that erroneous seed still lurks somewhere deep in my psyche.

Dr Brene Brown

Dr. Brene Brown – TED Talk – The Power of Vulnerability (Click to Watch TED Talk)

My resolve? To be honest, transparent and vulnerable even if it makes you feel awkward or uncomfortable. Why? Because life is too short to be anything less than honest. Do not fret about my faith. It’s in tact. In fact, it’s stronger, bolder and more courageous than it’s ever been. Dr. Brown states, “Vulnerability is not weakness. Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.” It’s time to step over fear, shame and regret to embrace and experience life to the fullest.


“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” – Jesus (John 10:10)