by Jimmy Pruitt



While standing in a long slow moving line, I am reminded by that still small voice to check my heart, gauge my mind and die to my tendency toward impatience. As I look inside I realize I’m slipping into one of the things I dread and detest the most about our culture… entitlement. That self-centered ego-centric mentality that, in some strange way, is convinced it is the center of the universe. I shake it off with a new resolve to smile, surrender to the moment and breathe a prayer of gratitude.

Entitlement and impatience creep into our relationship with God as well. We pray and nothing happens. We worship and our senses are flat. We serve and we just feel tired. When there is little to no movement something in us rises up and says to God, “Really? After all I have done and am doing? Seriously? Nothing? No movement? No answer? Hello? Can you hear me now?” We behave as if the God of all creation is there to do our bidding according to our sense of timing and perceived need. Maybe it’s just me.

Waiting on God and dying to our sense of entitlement involves the one thing many struggle with the most… TRUST. Trust that He is not ignoring us. Trust that He is orchestrating events on our behalf. Trust that His timing is perfect and best. Strip everything away and answer this one question, “Do you really trust God?” Don’t answer too quickly, your impatience and entitlement might betray what your mouth is quick to speak. Andrew Murray writes, “Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him. Yes, for HIM. Seek not only the help, the gift, thou needest seek: HIMSELF; wait for HIM.”


Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him. Cease from anger and forsake wrath; do not fret – it only causes harm. Psalm 37:7-8