A Book Delivered A Treasure Received

by Jimmy Pruitt


I was working out at an old school gym we recently joined during our stay in central Arkansas. The owner approached me and we began to talk. All of us leak out what we are full of and we began to speak of our love for Jesus. It was unforced and natural, as it should be.

Some conversations take on a life of their own and they follow a course you could not have charted even if you tried. It was apparent that God was speaking to me through this brother. He was not aware that God’s voice sounded like thunder to my soul as he told his story of learning to wait upon the Lord.

There are good ideas, then there are God ideas. This was the latter. It was like rain on parched ground or a unexpected cool front that passes through during a long hot summer in the South. I knew it was God delivering truth to me through this vessel. We parted ways, he to his office and me back to the weight rack. Both of us marked by the experience.

Andrew Murray

Later he returned with a book in his hand. It was bent and worn from use and he carried it like one would carry something of great value. He handed me the book and said, “I think this is for you during your season of waiting.” The book was Waiting on God by Andrew Murray. Perfect timing.

Isn’t it just like God to bring us what we need just when we need it? Never late and rarely early. As I have reverently and deliberately began to read the words from this treasure of a book, I have been encouraged, refreshed and renewed. A chance meeting between two believers in a gym? I think not. Our steps were ordered that day by a God who values each of His children more than we can possibly comprehend.

Learning to Wait,