Musings from the Journey

by Jimmy Pruitt


The view from our porch in Malvern, AR.

I like to drive. Annette likes to fly. I’m a journey guy, she’s a destination gal. The process excites me, the results make my bride happy. That dichotomy has marked our 20 plus years together and it’s the tension that keeps life, and our marriage, interesting and exciting. Never a dull moment with this family. The journey continues.

After transitioning from from a secure ministry position to pursue the great unknown and ultimately God’s will, we have lived in an RV in Texas, spent time on a Lake Palestine in East Texas, stayed with family in Nashville, TN, enjoyed a lake house on the Tennessee River in Northern Alabama and now have landed in Malvern, AR. We will base here during our transition.

There is much to be learned on an adventure in faith. Trust, faith and expectation are critical and obvious during a life transition. The not so obvious treasures that we find are things like contentment, pleasure in the little things, the realization that you really don’t care about most of the “stuff” that’s located in two storage units 354 miles away, and the value of friendships that you may have taken for granted.

We have relocated from the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex with millions of people to Malvern, Arkansas, population 10,000 and the home of ACME Brick. Our first trip to Walmart was a strong indicator that we were no longer in the city. On the other hand, this is a place of rest and respite for us. A place to catch our breath and seek God, unencumbered here in the piney woods. It’s our wilderness where our restoration is taking place and God’s next assignment will be clarified.

Truth, we are all on a journey. Each day brings us closer to our destination, whatever that may be. For most it is an ambiguous thing but laced with the hope that happiness, fulfillment and contentment will be found in that place. As for me, I’m content to make the most out of the journey itself, milking every moment for what it’s worth and believing that it’s the sum of these experiences along the way that will make the destination so much sweeter.