Embrace the Journey

by Jimmy Pruitt


As I pack up my things in preparation for my road trip to Arkansas and Nashville tomorrow I’m reminded that we can look at change in two ways. We can resist it, fight it, and complain about it or we can embrace it with open arms, an open mind and an enthusiastic spirit. I’m choosing door number two.

If I look at this season of transition as a journey, then it starts to take on the energy of a great adventure. Exciting questions arise; where are we going to live? Will it be a city in a part of the country we have never lived? Will it be in the mountains or next to water? The possibilities are as limitless as our imagination.

Another exciting element is the joy of meeting new people, making new friends and forging new partnerships. God uses his own ‘witness relocation program’ to broaden our influence and connect us to people and places we might not have otherwise chosen. He is much more strategic and far less random than we think.

How do you handle change in your life? With grace and excitement or with a sense of dread and fear? You don’t always get to choose the changes and life events that occur, but you have been given the gift of choosing your response to those changes. Food for thought… back to packing.