Was Jesus an Introvert?

by Jimmy Pruitt


I think Jesus was by nature an introvert. The signs are there; his need to withdraw to desolate places, time away from people to recharge, a keen ability to ask questions as much as dominate a conversation, his aversion to crowds and attention, his oft repeated line, “Tell no one.”

It doesn’t mean that he didn’t love people (he died for people), but only that he understood he needed time alone to recharge and be with his Father for strength, restoration and encouragement. Never underestimate the potential of solitude for renewal, re-creation and restoration.

It’s a gift and a blessing. Embrace the desert season for what it can produce for your life and those whom you will touch. Also enjoy this amazing TED Talks video with Susan Cain. It will be well worth 19 minutes of your time. Enjoy!

“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. Luke 5:16