Bleeding Out

by Jimmy Pruitt


I am grateful for the account of the woman with the bleeding issue. Jesus didn’t touch her, she touched him. That’s epic in it’s scope because we tend to cry out in our “free bleeding” moments and ask Jesus to touch us when, in fact, we have the potential to touch him. It’s easy when we are bleeding out to become passive and wait for Jesus to come on the scene and fix us, yet James tells us to “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” One more hint that lets us know we can initiate movement.

Whether you have a finger cut or feel like you just lost an arm, take a cue from the woman who’s only hope was to touch Jesus’ hem. Break through the crowd of voices that surround Jesus, that distract you from beholding him and press through until you get a fist full of his mantel and don’t let go. Perhaps there, close to him, you will find that you have ceased to bleed. Like the Switchfoot song says, “I dare you to move.”

And He said, “Who touched Me?” Luke 8:45