Simplicity, A Journey of Contradictions

by Jimmy Pruitt


I am a bundle of contradictions. Yes, I said it. It’s honest and it’s absolutely true. While speaking of the benefits and virtues of simplicity and an uncluttered life, I’m surrounded by a technological set up that would make Steve Jobs proud… and richer. I bounce back and forth in my journaling from writing by hand to my iPad. I feel sorry for my wife if I go to meet Jesus if she has to try to piece my ramblings together from my various mediums.

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Saint. That’s what I have said for years and have slowly worked toward a more unhurried gait, albeit not always successfully. Even if I feel like I have not been “successful” in my efforts to de-clutter and de-accumulate I can take solace in this… I am trying, however slow it is. I’m celebrating movement whether it be a millimeter or a mile.

What have you done to de-clutter and simplify in the little things? How is your journey going at this point? Tips, pointers, resources, etc. will be appreciated.